Welcome to Sparrow Racing League, a community run aspect of Destiny.

Some Quick Info:

Reddit: Sparrow Racing League Subreddit

Bungie.net: Sparrow Racing League Clan


The Sparrow Racing League is powered by the Destiny community on all console platforms (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox360, and PS3). With tournaments for each console, players are able to compete with fellow guardians by racing their sparrows. Different tournaments have different rules, but are consistent across consoles. All of the information about race information, upcoming matches, etc. will be on this site, but the races will take place in game including you, your opponent, and a race judge.


What can you do here?

  • Register for Tournaments
  • Receive race news
  • See your upcoming races and opponents
  • Climb the Leaderboard
  • Join the discussion on Forums
  • Give us your feedback
  • Give us suggestions
  • Apply to be a Judge or Moderator


More info Coming Soon!


Play Hard, Race Harder!


-Sparrow Racing League Team